Ignite The Passion For Learning With SwitchedOn Education.

SwitchedOn Education was registered in the UK in 2011 and launched Bournemouth Christian School, as its first online digital provider in 2012.

Our online asynchronous curriculum includes lessons and assessments in five core subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Bible, and History and Geography.

The SwitchedOn Education platform has more than 180 courses from Grades 3 to 12 including high school electives, career and technical courses.  All courses are rigorous and interactive and are written from a Christian worldview with the objective of exposing learners to higher order critical thinking, as well as creativity.

In 2018 SwitchedOn Education launched its South African office to serve the global community of Christian Schools and Home Schoolers. The organization quickly grew in leaps and bounds in Southern Africa due to the great need for an online Christian solution with an accredited exit qualification.

Whilst many online education providers may appear the same, at SwitchedOn Education we take the time to create a personalised roadmap to true educational success for your child. On entry into our program, we create a structured personalised academic plan with the use of placement tests and focus on mastery learning towards graduation.

Meet Our Team

Graham Hill


Graham has extensive business experience at a corporate level both here in the UK and internationally. His business experience has a speciality with international digital curriculum development, implementation, marketing, sales.

Cheryl Hill


Cheryl is the Education Director of SwitchedOn Education UK and is a professionally qualified educator and former principal of two Schools using a Christian-based curriculum (one in South Africa and one in the UK). Cheryl has many years of digital education and leadership experience in Christian education. Cheryl is involved in the day-to-day education and training aspects of SwitchedOn Education UK and SA

Daniel Govender


Daniel is a professionally qualified educator and policy analyst, who has been involved in education in Africa and the UK for over 30 years. He has been the founder principal/pastor of two independent schools in South Africa, Policy Director and Managing Director of Christian Education Europe (UK). Daniel’s role is marketing, policy and development of SwitchedOn Education curricula for South Africa.